The school will be open to 45 selected students. 

Registration fee: 600 euro (VAT 22% included). The fee covers: all lectures; course material; wi-fi connections; lunches and coffee breaks; social dinner. The fee does NOT cover accommodation and travel.

The program is specifically designed for doctoral candidates and early-career postdoctoral scholars. However, senior students, including assistant/associate/full professors, may be considered for admission if they present compelling motivation in their application letter.


Student application: February 25th, 2024 (firm deadline)

Notification of acceptance: March 18th, 2024

Registration and payment for accepted students: March, 29th 2023

How to apply: Prospective participants have to fill out and submit the form below, and upload a 1-page letter (pdf) organized as follows:

  • name, department/university, current position (PhD student, postdoc, other)
  • educational background
  • research activity and interests
  • motivations for participating in the school

In addition to applicant qualifications, the Organizing Committee will take into account various factors, such as the alignment of motivation with the school’s objectives and focus, the prospective impact on the student’s research, and the relevance to the student’s career progression. 

Short talks: Participants who are willing to give a lightning talk (4 minutes) on Thursday, May 15th, should declare it in the application form (see below) and provide a title and a list of keywords (from 3 to 5). 

Up to 25 presentations can be accommodated. If there are more submissions, the Organizing Committee will choose based on audience interest, alignment with the school’s goals, and topic diversity.

Fee waivers: Subject to budget availability, the school will grant 5 fee waivers (600 euros each) to support the attendance of PhD students and junior Post Doctoral researchers. 

Participants seeking a fee waiver must submit evidence of their current academic status along with comprehensive justifications for their request by submitting an email to the Organizing Committee (Francesco Pierri 

The acceptance will be notified together with the admission to the school (March 22nd, 2024).  No financial support for travel or accommodation is available.

Application form



In addition to applicant quality, the Organizing Committee will consider a number of features including: the coherence of the motivation with the aim and scope of the school, the potential benefit for the student’s research, the timeliness for the development of the student’s career. Preference will be given to applicants not participating onsite in the previous edition (2022) of the school.

The school is especially addressed to doctoral students and young postdoctoral scholars. A very limited number of senior students (e.g., assistant/associate/full professors) can be admitted, if they provide strong and convincing motivation in their application letter.